About Waterglass

Waterglass operates as ‘micro PE fund’: Our model revolves around buying niche software business to build a cash-flow optimized portfolio of profitable B2B SaaS companies.

We believe in small software businesses built by solopreneurs & small teams that solve a relevant problem in the market.

In response to the evolving landscape of reduced costs in initiating and operating software businesses, paired with recent advancements in AI and automation, we aim to create a portfolio of ventures that are not only cash-flow optimized but also leverage high automation.

Our strategy focuses on acquiring existing software businesses that meet our criteria for innovation and business efficiency.

We make quick, small-scale investments and execute them consistently.


Our long-term vision for Waterglass is to operate a portfolio of cash-flow optimized software businesses, concentrating on vertical B2B SaaS that address relevant market problems, independent of hypes and trends.

In Waterglass’s initial years, we put our focus on building a self-sustainable portfolio of niche ventures, while our long-term goalthe years is to broaden the focus and investment scope to optimize for growth and market impact.

Behind Waterglass

Waterglass is founded and managed by Bernhard Hauser, an experienced founder and entrepreneur, along with a network of talent across Europe.

Bernhard Hauser

Bernhard Hauser

Founder of Waterglass

Product-focused startup founder with 10+ years experience • ex Meta • ex startup accelerator manager • tech conference host • experienced in building bootstrapped & VC funded businesses